Volunteers from Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov”- Messengers of Goodness

As real messengers of Baba Marta the work team of the project “CAN and HELP”/ initiated by ACES-Academy of Central European Schools, coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum in cooperation with Nadacia Slovenskej/ and students from the class 8th “b” of Vocational School of Economics „Aleko Konstantinov“ visited once again the Day Care Centre „Nadezhda“. On their own initiative the students raised money and bought martenitsi and sweets for the children and adults from the centre. The project team performed for their friends a play on the story “The Colors of the Rainbow”. The visit brought a lot of emotions and joyful smiles to all. The volunteers prove once again that if you want to do good things, you can always find ways!