Volunteers from “Zinca Golescu”visited elderly people in Gavana Residental Care in Pitesti

January and February brought the opportunity the project team to arrange an entertainment music show for the elderly people in Gavana Residential Care in Pitesti. The 15 volunteers from the high school did their best to cheer up the elder people living there and create a positive atmosphere in these poor people‘s “house” because they seem to have been forgotten in a hidden corner, just like the mysterious books that wait for the new generations to brows them.
The entertainment show combined old tunes both folk and slow with poetry and traditional dances.
After this relaxing moment, the elderly people were involved in ice breaking and communication activities meant to break the barriers between generations and pave the way to sharing personal information about their lives. Once they got to know each other better, both the teenagers and the old people deeply got engaged into serious talk about their life stories which they were proud to be asked about.
When finished collecting their unique life stories and valuable pieces of advice, the young volunteers offered flowers to the old women, fruit, sweets and refreshments to praise their willingness to cooperate and the chance to demonstrate that the young generation is responsible and active in the local community’s life.