An act of kindness in Romania

ACES team thought of a different way of showing kindness. We tried to test our mates’ interest in environmental protection as well as to raise awareness about the issues of environment.
A whole class of 30 pupils from our school decided on the strategy. Grouped up in teams, we went around the school yard and threw some balls of paper randomly. Then, we spread around so as no one can guess there was a hidden plan. We next waited anxiously for the break to watch the students’ reaction when coming across the paper balls.
Of course, we had a spy, who stayed behind some curtains and filmed all the fails. The students didn’t pay attention to those paper balls. Amazingly, they even took pictures and selfies when they were surrounded by garbage or even stepped on them. It was almost the end of the break when we noticed 2 girls from the 9th grade heading for the papers, collecting them and throwing them to the bin. It was then that we felt relieved. We had reached our goal. The entire team gathered around the 2 brave girls coming from different corners of the school yard. We gave a big round of applause to the only students who proved to be guardians of the environment and praised them.