The International Day for Tolerance 2015 accompanied by mourning

On the International Day for Tolerance (11/16/2015) whole Europe commemorated the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. The European Parliament called all the Europeans to observe a minute of silence at 11:00 GMT or at 11:00 pm Bulgarian time in memory of people who were killed during the terrorist attacks.
Shocked by the violence and with a great pain in the hearts of the innocent victims of terrorism, the students of Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov” joined the big family of Europe that mourned for its lost children.
The students and all the staff of the school observed a minute of silence at 1:00 pm on 16th of November. At the entrance of the school there was a memorial area. Alekovtsi decorated this area with the French flag and gave strips labeled JE SUIS PARISIEN.
Those who wished lit a candle and left flowers in memory of the killed people during the terrorist attacks.
During the first lesson for the day, all form teachers devoted fifteen minutes talking about the tragic event and discussing with their students the significance of tolerance which is the base of intelligent and peaceful human relations.
Students from 10a grade, supported by their form teacher, prepared a poster about the tolerance among people. Throughout the day, in the lobbies of the school it was shown a multimedia presentation dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance.