A non formal meeting with volunteers from 5 different NGOs in Arges county – Romania

As set in the project programme, the team of “CAN and HELP” decided to organize a meeting with representatives from various non-governmental organizations at the Zinca Golescu high school in order to discover more information about each NGO, their aim, activity, target group and volunteers’ personal experience.
Thus, the project team invited 5 volunteers from 5 different NGOs who are also students at Zinca Golescu High school.
There were 20 volunteers that participated in the meeting. All participants formed a circle and started to discuss. Firstly, each of the 5 invitees introduced themselves, the NGO they represented and some important aspects from its activity. It became clear that these associations carry out projects on different topics which support the personal development, non-formal educational and free time activities such as sports, socio-cultural, humanitarian or the environmental protection. Then, they told the students how they attract new volunteers in their Associations. What is more, the most experienced volunteer, Roxana, showed how to energize the team with very simple and very creative games. Those games really impressed the participants and showed them that as a volunteer you really learn how to solve problems in a creative way.