What is aces?"Embracing solidarity: We care, dare and share!“Project ideaAims of the project

What is aces?

ACES is a Central and South Eastern European network of schools offering support to cross-border school partnership projects and aiming at the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cooperation of young people and teachers in the participating countries. The network comprises 15 partner countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

"Embracing solidarity: We care, dare and share!“

All humans are equal, but not all have equal opportunities. aces aims for a society in which people care about each other, not only themselves or their kin, a place where people not only claim their rights but also see the responsibility they have for the wellbeing of all. It is in this spirit that they undertake initiatives for and together with those whose voices often aren't heard. We believe that solidarity is of upmost importance and one of the core values for social cohesion and a more sustainable world.

Project idea

The project aims at raising participants’ volunteering knowledge and gaining new experiences on volunteering in their communities as an innovative way of acquiring solidarity. This project is focused on discovering means of using volunteering as a motivator and way to increase awareness of social and environmental responsibility as well as to enhance solidarity with the less privileged people in our societies.

Aims of the project

Students will: increase solidarity by acquiring awareness of social responsibility necessity; respect for the less privileged; gain experience in volunteering; enhance confidence and creativity of students by actively participating in voluntary projects; improve teamwork, ICT, English and German communicative skills, intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Students from Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov” have given smiles and good mood in the Home for elderly

In 2016 the students of Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov” continue with their charity initiatives. The work team of the project “CAN and HELP” and the team of the school training firm “NO NAME” which is working on the project Corporate social responsibility, have visited the Home for elderly in district “Studen Kladenets”, Kardzhali. […]

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“Christmas in a box” in Vocational School of Economics

The work team of the project “CAN and HELP” organized a charity initiative called “Christmas in a box.” It took place in Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov”. In a specially prepared box the students and teachers put small gifts, fruit and sweets. All the things collected in the box were distributed among the children […]

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The students of “National College Zinca Golescu” tried to put a smile on the faces of the innocent children from the foster home

Dalai Lama once said: „Our main goal in life is to help the others…and if you can’t help, at least don’t hurt them.” Before Christmas the work team of the project “CAN and HELP” in Romania had the opportunity to meet some special children, without parents. With other 45 volunteers, the team went to one […]

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December – a month of charity in Vocational School of Economics

The work team of the project “CAN and HELP” turned December into the month of charity in Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov”. The students participating in the project took an active role in the process of preparation and holding of the traditional Christmas market. The team also visited the Day Care Centre “Nadezhda” in […]

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Volunteers from “Zinca Golescu” rejoiced the children with special needs

With the funds from the Christmas Charity Market the project team bought toys and educational materials such as story books, drawing books, crayons in order to make the children with special needs smile. 28 volunteers from the high school also participated in this initiative and offered fruit and sweets to all the 45 children in […]

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